Death's Whisper

by Digital Skies & Celestial Void

Preparing the ritual, you take a final gaze over the sanctuary.

Flickering candles reveal a hollow in the hulking structure dominating the room.

As you finally begin the rites, you place the offering upon the altar and immediately feel the weight of the decision you’ve already made, of the sin your summoning will cost. The surface of the figure before you grows unnaturally ever darker as symbols shine brightly from its bulk, lighting the room until it becomes clear that the structure is no statue…

…it is void writ flesh, pulsing and bleeding and dark as the abyss.

Digital Skies and Celestial Void’s latest release, “Death’s Whisper”, is a raucous, mysterious voyage through a dark and detailed imagined world. Jagged glitches, dramatic cuts, and expansive synths perfectly underscore a vignette about the arcane cost of an ultimate hubris, the beginning of an end.

Spooky and groovy and rich, “Death’s Whisper” is a journey you must take.

After a moment, you hear a straining whisper—

In the end, you couldn’t escape the path you had chosen, uprooted by a seed sown by your own hand.

You cast darkness over the fates of many, unknowing that you had cast yourself into the void.

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