Heroism: A New Dawn Gaming Mix

  1. Aubade
     by Satellite Empire
  2. Aubade (Exclusion Remix)
     by Satellite Empire
  3. Void Sector Tau
     by Exclusion
  4. Ein Sof
     by Arkana
  5. Kether
     by Arkana
  6. Tzimtzum
     by Arkana
  7. Chromatose
     by Jaz
  8. In Love WIth The Night Sky
     by Animadrop
  9. Letting Go
     by TwoWorldsApart
  10. The Aether
     by Au5
  11. Sine Ira
     by Kisnou
  12. The Chasm
     by Crystal Skies feat. Derek Joel
  13. Thrones (IID Remix)
     by Satellite Empire
  14. Castles (IID Remix)
     by Crystal Skies feat. Brooke Williams
  15. Our Journey
     by Crystal Skies feat. Ashley Apollodor
  16. Let Me Drown (Matt Rysen & Ento Remix)
     by TwoWorldsApart & Satellite Empire

Heroism is an hour long collection of some of our favorite New Dawn releases.

Mixed by Caster

Latest and upcoming releases: linktr.ee/wearenewdawn


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