by Neoux feat. Tara Louise

“Finding other exiled rebels wasn’t hard; there were thousands of people fleeing tyranny in hopes of returning once things settled. But there seemed to be no end in sight. I discovered settlements with vibrant communities growing tentative infrastructure – leaving behind what they once had and finding the strength to start new lives, free of the grudges of the past.

But the plague has reached them even here. The hand of the City reaches far. We had thought they were driven only by the lust for power and wealth. We were wrong; they won’t rest until we submit utterly.

And even with so much evidence, there are still many who think it’s all for the good- those who would rather live as slaves in service of the City than put their comfort in jeopardy. But that’s no life. Too long they’ve turned a blind eye toward the truth. If I’m going to shake them loose I’ll have to make them see the terror of the City. The question is whether they’ll follow.”

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