The Dawn: Chapter 1

  1.  by Animadrop
  2.  by Antent
  3.  by Kisnou
  4.  by Kori
  5.  by Ento X DM Galaxy feat. Hannabelle
  6.  by Last Heroes
  7.  by Aurai
  8.  by Blure
  9.  by Exclusion
  10.  by TwoWorldsApart
  11.  by Au5
  12.  by IID

New Dawn was conceived as a home for artists who create various styles of cinematic electronic music. The Dawn: Chapter 1 is the first major step towards defining what that means. The compilation is jam packed with a vast array of atmospheric, melodic, and downtempo tunes with the intention to draw you into an ethereal universe. Every artist put their heart and soul into these tracks and we hope you enjoy the first chapter of our story.

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