Electronic Nature

by Blacksite

  1. Harmony
     by Blacksite
  2. Earthquake
     by Blacksite & WHY.
  3. Consciousness
     by Blacksite
  4. Organism
     by Blacksite

Electronic Nature is a dream world where technology as well as animals, forests, rivers and plants exist and live in Harmony, as one. Many visitors have attempted to contemplate this beauty, however this world is full of hidden obstacles. Massive Earthquakes stretching far and wide are a serious danger to anyone who isn’t prepared for such a colossal event. Amongst this destruction, the unique creatures were crafted to thrive in this environment. As their symbiotic relationship with nature evolved, the machinery learnt to develop and fine tune its consciousness. These sentient creatures constructed their own civilizations alongside nature: no tree was cut down, and the water sources are left pristinely clean as the drop of a mountain spring in the brisk summer morning. Many years ago the Creator of All Life scrupulously designed the technology to never harm or obstruct nature. The secret is called the Organism, and is hidden within the notes of the song. It is said, only his own creatures are able to decrypt the message and pass it on to further generations. Today, however, you have a chance to listen to this message.

Latest and upcoming releases: linktr.ee/wearenewdawn


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