Finding other exiled rebels wasn't hard; there were thousands of people fleeing tyranny in hopes of returning once things settled.
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Today marks a historical day for us. 5 years since our last EP, 5 years of creating, changing ourselves and witnessing change in others. For so long holding onto something that’s now no longer ours.
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Ironheart – Outremer

Introducing “Outremer” EP – an immersive musical odyssey depicting the crusaders’ journey to the Holy Land, their battles, and exploration. Ironheart’s intention was to capture the local musical flavors and the mystique of the Levant, resulting in powerful tracks that pay tribute to this significant period in history.

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Aurai – Meridian

Thematically and musically, “Meridian” represents a middle point, the conceptual threshold midway through a journey where one more step means finding yourself for the first time closer to the endpoint than the outset.

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‘Kerys’ is Elodie Grodin, a 21-year-old electronic music producer from Rennes, France. Influenced by future bass/trap artists like San Holo, Porter Robinson, and Flume, she

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Elv – Worlds Below

Worlds Below explores the transition from life to death, and whatever follows through a journey into the deep sea, represented in sound. Each of the

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Exclusion – Trick Sanity

Trick Sanity is Exclusion’s narrative audio representation of what it feels like to be afflicted by mental illness. He draws inspiration from his close friends,

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