by Celestial Void

  1. Twilight Empress
     by Celestial Void
  2. Heir of Iniquity
     by Celestial Void
  3. Vigil to the Fallen
     by Celestial Void
  4. The Sown
     by Celestial Void, Nightlark, IVEEN
  5. A Mother's Dream
     by Celestial Void & Nightlark

“Feeling like an outcast is common, and it can make you feel unlovable. But sometimes what the world rejects is what it needs most. Even if you have deep wounds, you deserve love.

In the story of Irra, she was labeled an abomination because of her powers, but she learns to use them to protect those she loves. You can choose to be a hero in someone’s life, even if it’s a hard path. By lifting others up, you can give them a chance at life.”

Celestial Void’s EP “Visions” is another chapter in Irra’s story, where she invites to join her in a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

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