by Outremer

  1. Edessa
     by Ironheart
  2. Antioch
     by Ironheart
  3. Eye of the Storm
     by Ironheart & IVEEN
  4. Kingdom of Heaven
     by Ironheart

Introducing “Outremer” EP – an immersive musical odyssey depicting the crusaders’ journey to the Holy Land, their battles, and exploration. Ironheart’s intention was to capture the local musical flavors and the mystique of the Levant, resulting in powerful tracks that pay tribute to this significant period in history.

“Edessa” portrays the city’s role as one of the first crusader states, blending evocative melodies and instrumentation to embody its rich history and cultural heritage.

In “Antioch,” the slow marching rhythm and powerful instruments mirror the city’s pivotal role in the Crusades, commemorating the brave warriors who fought to establish and defend their states.

The track “Eye of the Storm,” featuring award-winning singer-songwriter IVEEN, connects to the EP’s title “Outremer,” symbolizing the crusaders’ sea voyage and embracing maritime and mythological themes. It conveys a profound message of finding peace amidst chaos, surrendering control, and navigating life’s challenges with grace.

Lastly, “Kingdom of Heaven” pays homage to the final battle for Jerusalem during the Crusades. With a grandeur of choirs and organs, the track captures the intensity and solemnity of this crucial moment. It serves as a tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of those who fought for their faith during this tumultuous time.

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