Finding other exiled rebels wasn't hard; there were thousands of people fleeing tyranny in hopes of returning once things settled.
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Today marks a historical day for us. 5 years since our last EP, 5 years of creating, changing ourselves and witnessing change in others. For so long holding onto something that’s now no longer ours.
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Caster – Chronomancy

Caster embarks on a quest to discover the elusive Hourglass, the final fragment of Forbidden Magic that grants unparalleled control over time. This significant finding

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Caster – Technomancy

“Technomancy,” the second track from Caster’s EP “Forbidden Arts,” delves into the downfall of a highly advanced civilization resulting from the insatiable greed for power

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Caster – Hunting Season

Before this conquest may begin, there must first be retribution. Those who had conspired against me have grown pompous throughout these centuries. Gaining wealth and

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