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‘Kerys’ is Elodie Grodin, a 21-year-old electronic music producer from Rennes, France. Influenced by future bass/trap artists like San Holo, Porter Robinson, and Flume, she weaves fluidity and intricacy with the sound design ethos and contagious energy of melodic riddim.

Deeply tied to the theme of the ocean and the unknown depths that it hides, Kerys’ music is calm and serene at times and at others is as dangerous and volatile as an open ocean storm. Her newest EP, “POSTDILUVIAN”, explores the idea of having something life-changing happening to you and turning it into a new starting point. “Metaphorically, it’s the flood for the diver; in real life, it’s discovering that I suffer from depression and anxiety. A lot of the music I write is fuelled by this fact. I have trouble expressing myself with words and music helps me with my emotions.”

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