Finding other exiled rebels wasn't hard; there were thousands of people fleeing tyranny in hopes of returning once things settled.
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Today marks a historical day for us. 5 years since our last EP, 5 years of creating, changing ourselves and witnessing change in others. For so long holding onto something that’s now no longer ours.
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Kerys – POSTDILUVIAN (Official Video)

We did it!!! Took a little bit but we’re so proud of this video for Kerys’ POSTDILUVIAN EP. Halfway through doing our regular visualizers we had a spark of inspiration, and decided to recreate the whole artwork scene in 3D as a basis for this video. Would love your support:)



So proud of our team! We have artists putting their hardest work into the music, and we are motivated to provide them with the best possible visuals following the narrative in mind. We always seek to improve our skills to make sure we can provide you with the most engaging art, musically and visually. This EP’s video is a start of something big for us:)

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